Bright Lights

   Dress: gifted, Jacket: H&M, Belt: American Eagle Outfitters, Pin: New York & Co., Shoes: Steeve Madden

This past October one of my really good friends, Maya, celebrated her 20th birthday and so she planned this incredibly amazing dinner at this fabulous Italian restaurant called Maggiano's Little Italy.
Let me tell you, that October 23rd, I got a little taste of heaven. It was a crépe-looking pasta stuffed with cheese, spinnach and chicken, completely bathed in like, a gazillion types of cheeses and creams, topped with a little bit of spinnach on top. I slowly ate the pasta, savoring every bite, and before I knew it, I was gone. All good things come to an end :'( I don't even remember what the plate was called, which is really bad because if I decide to ever go back (which I will!), I won't know the name!

Anyways, we walked around all of these designer stores ohh-ing and ahh-ing at the beautifully decorated window displays. Since we are all broke college students, all we could really do was just daydream and think about where we would shop first if we won the lottery ;)

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