Blugirl Spring 2012 RTW


AFTER WATCHING THE BLUGIRL SPRING 2012 RTW COLLECTION, my brain was transported to an Italian garden on a warm spring day, where I would spend my day eating macaroons and picking flowers from the nearby blooming garden. Ah, if only...

Blugirl's Spring 2012 RTW collection made me shed a few tears because:

A.) I loved every single piece.  The colors, the textiles, the patterns, sequins, and feathers! Ah, I could go on for days! This really was a very feminine and young collection because of its long and textured silhouettes, followed by the "look at me" bright colors. Rosella Tarabini truly incorporated every color under the spectrum so beautifully and so delicately that I feel like they should be displayed in museums so that everyone could enjoy its beauty! I have to say, deciding on a favorite piece was really hard, so I included some of my absolute favorites above.

B.) I want spring so bad. Seriously, winter just began and I am SO ready for spring. (Why Mother Nature? Why???)

Hoping its warm, wherever you are!

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