Jason Wu for Target

1.) Blue Floral Classif Flap Handbag
2.) Cap-Sleeve Pleated Blouse (in Belize Blue)
3.) Pleated Skirt (in Navy Floral)

Source: Target

LIKE A SOLDIER READY FOR WAR, I planned ahead. I knew what I wanted and I knew how to strike with presicion. That cloudy Sunday morning when the iconic Jason Wu designs were available at Target showed me that you can never be too prepared for war. A fashion war, that is. I woke up at 7 a.m. in order to get to the nearest Target on time. As I waited in the front (before the doors opened) I saw groups of women lined up in the other entrance. OK, honestly, the thought that they were there for Jason Wu really never entered my mind. I just thought they were all very well dressed women preparing themselves for the Super Bowl. When the doors opened, I entered, not knowing if would come out alive. I swear, I RAN. I reached the Jason Wu section and literally grabbed one of each and headed towards the fitting room. Thank the lord the nice Target employee told me where the purses where because had I waited 5 more minutes, they would have been gone!

Words are truly insufficient when it comes to describing that moment I slid my credit card at Target and I knew that these three lovely Jason Wu pieces were now mine. I was completely MINDBLOWN at the attention to detail in every piece and the true workmanship behind it!

I came, saw, conquered, and even pulled someone's hair (accidentally!). In the end, I got my shirt, skirt and satchel. It's going to be a while before I remove the ridiculously huge grin on my face :D ♥Jason Wu for Target

P.S.- Stay tuned for more posts!

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