New In Closet: "Squeeze" by Lilly Pulitzer

THERE HAS ALWAYS BEEN SOMETHING JUST SO MAGICAL about Lilly Pulitzer. I don't know if its the ingenious prints or the bold colors, but Lilly always manages to let our inner girly-girl out and wish we were at a tea party eating macaroons :)

I recently purchased this Squeeze by Lilly Pulitzer perfume and let me tell you, I never wanted summer so bad! The fragrance itself just oozes of tropical getaway with citrus scents and tropical flowers. Which makes me depressed I'm not a a beach somewhere for spring break just relaxing under a palm tree, sipping on a pina colada, reading a great book and wearing my cute bathingsuits (pictures later!). Talk about all dressed up and nowhere to go :(

Happy Spring Break!

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