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Bathingsuits: Aerie.com
FINDING THE PERFECT BATHING SUIT has always been and may forever be a challenge for most women. Not only does the color have to look good on your skin type, it also has to look good for your body type. If you're like me, who just learned about bathing suit shopping, don't fret it! There are thousands of stores dedicated to bathing suits and finding the perfect one to spend your summer days relaxing the beach, reading Vogue and sipping on Shirley Temples :) Trust me, it's not as hard as your think. 
Personally, I think you should only have three bathing suits. The basics.
Generally, when you think of one-piece, you think of older women wearing them, right? WRONG. The key is to find a happy, younger looking one-piece that you can wear on those type of days (ladies, you know what I'm talking about!). My advice, go for feminine details and bright colors. It makes what could be a suit designated for older women, seem much more young and fun!
Also, you need two two-piece bathing suits. One in a basic pattern consisting of neutrals and another one with a bold color or design. A neutral, more basic suit is essential for the summer days because it can remain a classic piece that you can use every summer. Also, another great benefit is that it can easily go from day to night. Trust me, you'll definitively get some use out of it! Lastly, you most definitively, with out a doubt, need a bright and cheery bathing suit. Not only does it scream "summertime", but it also makes you stand out among the crows of people at the beach. Plus, it's FUN!

The last tip on shopping for bathing suits, is to remain true to your style! The point of shopping for bathing suits is to have fun and to find something you like. Regardless of how hard and difficult it may seem, you'll end up with great gratification (and a smirk or two!) once you find that perfect bathing suit to spend your scorching summer days near a pool or by the seaside :)

I got these two bathing suits a couple of months ago from Aerie.com. They had a wonderful selection of feminine and stylish bathing suits that well, I just couldn't resist myself! I find it very helpful to start shopping for bathing suits around January or so, just because it gives me time to find out what type of bathing suit I'll need and also, it gives me extra time to look at all kinds of places because trust me, it takes TIME. Seriously, it's like looking for Atlantis!

Happy Thursday :)


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