Sweater: H&M, Jumper: Jessica Simpson, Shoes: NY LA, Belt: H&M

REGARDLESS ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE SAY about clogs, they are one of the most comfortable shoes you could ever find! Nothing says "I have a full schedule and still have time to run aroun town in stylish shoes", like a nice pair of floral clogs. I got them two years ago on my 19th birthday as a surprise from my sister. I remember just drooling at the near by DSW prior to my birthday just picturing myself walking through the streets of NoLita with a basket full of flowers and a floral dress. Sigh... Although I have not come close to that (yet!), I find that wearing it with my seafoam green cardigan would just do for now :) I'm obsessed!

Until I find an great flower shop to prance around with in my floral clogs, happy Monday! :)

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