Heart of Gold

Shirt & Necklace: American Eagle Outfitters, Skirt: Aerie

I AM A FIRM BELIEVER THAT SEQUINS shouldn't only be reserved for the holiday season. I mean, how much fun are sequins!?! Why would you not want to wear it all year round and just pretend that every season is a holiday season? Beats me. I am madly in love with the skirt, but the only downside about it is that it's super short. Incredibly short, actually. Once you feel that getle breeze, you are a gonner. I have to constantly hold my hand down when I'm walking around campus. But, eh. It's all in the name of fashion, right? :)

BTW, how fabulous is that cheetah-ed out Cruiser? ;)

Yours truly,


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  2. amazing outfit!!
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