Marni S/S 2012


I WAS NEVER REALLY A FAN OF MARNI UNTIL, WELL, THIS COLLECTION. This is exactly the way I would want to dress if I ever married an Italian diplomat or a modern version of the journalist hunk, Gregory Peck, from Roman Holiday. Le sigh...

This collection is one of those collections that just transports you to a different country, a different culture, yet remains young and hopeful. It went from simplistic and modern (almost mod-looking) pieces incorporating youth with the colorful floral prints, to more traditional and elaborate designs. I simply loved the use of color to turn a what could have been a too traditional piece, into a more youthful approach. And the beaded skirt? TO DIE FOR! And don't even get me started with the earrings. FINALLY, the return of accessories! I finally get to put that stash of ridiculously extravagant earrings to good use! Consuelo Castiglioni truly outdid herself this collection and will have every woman screaming, la dolce vitta.

Chao :)

Yours truly,

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