New In Closet: "Intrigued" Sandals by Chinese Laundry

WHEN I SAW THIS SHOE IN THE CLEARANCE RACK at DSW, the first thing on my mind was "I can't be true". I found it too good to be true, and so I checked and checked and checked only to find out, well, it was. I really couldn't believe a shoe this gorgeous was there, just chilling in the clearance rack! What truly won me over was the details in the embellishments and the color pallet. However, after purchasing (I couldn't resist!) the shoe, I stated to question myself because I thought maybe it was meant to be worn on certain events, but I fought through my doubts and decided to keep it because it can really be a staple piece and simply transfrom any outfit.

Well, my poor blog will not be exposed to my negligence anymore because I am DONE WITH FINALS, which means that I will have more time to do the thing that I love most--blog :)

Happy Sunday!

Yours truly,

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