Summer (so far!) via Instagram

(From left to right)
1. Pure bliss...
2. Under the sun
3. Betsey Johnson never disappoints!
4. Motivational keychain?
5. Breakfast!
6. It's official! I'm a Patriot!
7. New Kelsi Dagger heels
9. Summer essentials :)

IT'S OFFICIAL, SUMMER'S HERE! It's crazy to think that six months ago, the idea of creating a blog was simply that - and idea. I fall in love with blogging more and more everyday. Not only is it my favorite hobby, but also my passion :) Before starting The Ingénue, I used to keep fashion to myself. Sort of like my guilty pleasure. It defined who I was and to be honest, it allowed me to express myself and set myself apart from a world who is often afraid to be different. Now, thanks to blogging, I don't keep the beauty that is fashion to myself. I get to share it with you all :)

There are exciting things coming up for The Ingénue such as collaborations, and if you follow me on Instagram (@theingenue), you probably know that I will be attending George Mason University in the fall! So excited! However, it will probably not give me the time I want to update my blog regulary, for I will spend most of my free time cramming for exams, writing papers and/or crying myself to sleep every night because of the overwhelming stress. For now, let's just all enjoy the warm summer days, relaxing under the sun because we all know there is no time like the present...

Have a great weekend!
Yours truly,


  1. beautiful pictures! My favorite is the 2nd makes me wanna go to the sea side :)

  2. The best thing I love about your summer are those red heels!
    beautiful pics!
    Shubhi's Revels!

  3. Amazing pictures! Hope you have a nice time! :)

  4. Great photo set for the summer! I am in love with your red heels!
    You have a new follower, hope you follow back xx

  5. Looks like summer is going by well so far! Love the Betsey piece!