Ocean City, USA Photo Diary

HAPPY SUNDAY! Here are some pictures from the beach! I know, it's a little bit delayed (okay, really, really, really delayed!), but I've been working non-stop! Ocean City is honestly one of the best beaches in the East coast in my opinion. They have an amazing boardwalk filled with musicians, painters, and circus performers. Appart from having great street performers, they have a ton of shops and food. Ah, the FOOD. To say I didn't want to leave is an understatement. Ocean City was like it's own little world. A world where nothing could ever go wrong as long as you had the sun shining down on you :)

Ah! Summer's almost over, and it's only logical to end a great summer with a BANG! So, I have a few last-minute trips to the beach coming up, so stay tuned!

Hope you guys had a great weekend!

With love,



  1. Really great pics, those apples looks so yummy :)

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  2. stunning photo. those apples look delicious, mmm (:

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