Summer's All In Bloom

Skirt: American Eagle Outfitters, Sweater: Forever 21, Bag: Michael Kors "Hamilton" tote (similar here ), Shoes: American Eagle Outfitters, Belt: H&M

SO FINALLY, SCHOOL HAS STARTED BACK AGAIN! I say finally because this is what I've been looking forward all summer for this. Really! I have! Of course, I'll probally start rethinking this whole post after we get assigned huge projects and I cry myself to sleep every night because of the overwhelming stress. As of now, however, I am having the time of my life!

Packing for college was as stressful as packing for a vacation. My biggest concern (naturally!) was whether or not all of my clothes and shoes and purses and accessories and magazines and beauty products were going to fit (phew!). After sitting on my luggages various times and forcing the zippers to close, I began to wonder if I really needed all of these clothes, of more importantly, if it was going to fit in the pint sized closet the university provides us! I reorganized my luggage and packed only the essentials. The problem came when I moved into my dorm and had tons of space left over (YAY!) but I couldn't find anything to wear for school that week. Believe me, I have learned my lesson and I've packed my ENTIRE closet! I've left no room for fashion mistakes!

So September is here, everyone! Hello crip afternoons, comfy sweaters, pumkin spice lattes, leaf changing colors, and LAYERING. I adore wearing sweaters with skirts and shorts. Blending summer with fall items and transitioning into the chillier afternoons! :)

Love you all!



  1. Amazing skirt :)

  2. that skirt is wonderful and you look very cute!
    come on by, maybe we can start following each other?


  3. Adore the orange hemline to your skirt!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Monday xoxo

  4. Hope you enjoy your time in college! :D I love your skirt. It's so pretty.