One Year

(Photo: Tumblr) 
ANNIVERSARY. Exactly one year ago, I was sitting in my french class wearing my faux fur vest, silently waiting for class to over. No one knew it, but I had an idea lingering in my mind. For years now, I wanted to start a blog but I never had the guts to. I would put myself out there for the world to see and get to know me. Little did I know that that would be the beginning of what is today one of my biggest passions.

To me, fashion is more than just a "thing". It's the way I express myself when words can't. It's who I am. If you would have told me a year ago that would have a blog, I would have thought you were crazyThe Ingénue is what I was meant to do.  It is that one thing that separates me from a sea of people, and quite honestly, it completely defines me.

Thank you all for your lovely comments and oogles and googles of support :)

So here is to The Ingénue's first anniversary, and to many more! xx


  1. Happy Blogiversary dear! It´s great to know you launched this blog even if you had doubts in the beginning :)

  2. Happy Anniversary!! That's so great you've been doing this for a year already!! :)



  3. happy one year!!! looking forward to more entries/posts! :D

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