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When in doubt, travel. 

These pictures were taken a few months back when I visited Bolivia (again) this year. Seeing as how I am back in "The City of Eternal Spring", I though this post would be fitting.

This year, I have so much to be thankful for. One thing in particular was the opportunity to travel to all of these wonderful cities, and meet such wonderful people, something I though was once impossible...Okay, not impossible, but it's one of those things you put off until the time is “right” (am I right?!). Anyways, seeing as how I'll end the last day of 2015 traveling (my flight is on the 31st!), I could only hope 2016 treats me just as nice. Your move, 2016...

There is something magical about being in a different city, country, or even continent. I get a feeling that everything is a novelty--even though I may have the same thing back at home. I get excited just talking to the locals, and even using the different currency. I used to spend my summer breaks as a child, browsing through all the travel books, writing down a few things I would need if I ever had the opportunity to go there. Then, life got in the way and I put it on the back of my list of things to do. Now, seeing how we live in a beautiful world that craves to be explored, I only want to wander in it :)


Estas fotos sacamos hace unos cuanto meses atrás, cuando viaje a Bolivia (otra vez!) este ano. Ahora que me encuentro en "La Ciudad de Eterna Primavera", pensé que este post seria perfecto.

Este ano, tengo muchas cosas en cual ser agradecida. Una cosa en particular es la oportunidad de viajar a ciudades increíbles, y conocer a gente bella, algo que una vez creia ser imposible... Bueno, no imposible, pero era algo que lo puse atras hasta que el tiempo sea “correcto”. Como pasare el ultimo día del ano viajando (mi vuelo sale el 31!), yo solo espero que el 2016 me trate así de bien. Tu turno, 2016...

Hay algo especial al estar en una ciudad, país, hasta un continente diferente. Me aparece un sentimiento que todo es una novedad, aunque tenga la misma cosa en casa. Me pongo feliz solo hablando a la gente local, y hasta usando su moneda. Cuando era pequeña, pasaba mis vacaciones de verano con la lectura de libros, leyendo libros acerca de diferentes países que algún día me gustaría viajar. Después, la vida se puso mas complicada y puse la idea de viajar detrás de mi mente.

With Love, 

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