Lady in Red

If there is a color out there that is completely out of my comfort zone, it would undoubtedly be the color red. While you will find it in my lips every now and then, I don't have a single red garment in my closet. So, seeing as how I am trying to reinvent myself and my style a bit, I went for this Topshop midi dress and as a cherry on top, I wore the YSL Rouge Pour Couture in #50. To say people kept looking at me while Daniela and I were shooting these pictures is an understatement, but hey, I don't mind the attention every now and then! 😉


Red is one of those colors that is impossible to be ignored. So, because I am sure this will not be my last red purchase, I decided to share my top red picks below because who doesn't want to look like the red dress emoji?? 💃


Happy weekend!

Outfit Details:

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