How To Wear a Slip Dress for Fall

Fall is here an boy, did it come at full-force! While I am a fan of changing leaves, warm PSLs, and sweater weather, I must admit that I am a little bit sad I won't be able to wear a few things in my closet for a while (RIP denim shorts, basket bags, etc). However, that is not the case for my slip dresses! I am determined to wear them all throughout the 

One article of clothing that I REFUSE to stop wearing are my slip dresses! I have been obsessed with my WAYF slip dress that I decided to pair it with a long cardigan since it was a little bit chilly that morning. Cardigans are a great layering accessory for fall because you don't have to hide the entire dress! You just pull one on and go! I plan on wearing this dress with a long-sleeve turtleneck tucked inside next! While my cardigan is no longer available, I picked a few of my favorite cardigans below.


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