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Happy New Year, everyone! I for one am super excited for everything 2018 has in store for me. 2017 was been one of the most challenging years of my life to date and I am very grateful for all that it has taught me. However, I am so happy to start 2018 with a hopeful outlook and create new memories. So, I thought that I would kick off the first post of the year by revealing my New Year's resolutions and hopefully sharing a more personal side.

Things Won't Go As Expected, and That's Okay
I will admit it, I am a control freak. There is just something so comforting about having control of a situation. When things don't go as I expect them to, whether it be professional projects, or collaborations on the blog, or even school projects, I freak out and have mini panic attacks. So, one of my first resolutions is to let it go and accept that if things don't go as I expect them to, it's okay.
Consistency is Key
With school, work, and the blog keeping me busy, I feel like I have not been consistent with many things in my life. In particular, the gym. I try to go every other day, but once exams come around, I throw everything out the window. So, one of my main goals is to be consistent with everything I do this 2018!
Cherish Time with Loved Ones
I must admit, 2017 started out with the loss of my childhood cat and my grandma getting sick. It affected me in ways I never thought it would and made me realize how valuable family really was. I know as much as the next person that sometimes life gets in the way and we put family off to the side. However, these two events made me realize how valuable spending time with loved ones really is and I am looking forward to creating more memories in 2018!
Et voila! I am so excited for everything 2018 has to offer! I am currently planning a few trips and working on more exciting collaborations this year! Thank you so much for SO much for your continuous support! Let's make 2018 a great one! Cheers!

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