How To Pack for a Girls' Weekend

As I write this post, I am on my way to Miami! My besties and I decided to take a break from this freezing cold weather and treat ourselves to a mini girls' weekend! So, on weekend trips where you have limited packing space, I decided to to do a little blog post on how to make the most of your packing space!

Pack Similar Colors
With limited space, and limited items, a rule of thumb for me is packing in similar colors. This allows you to combine all of your pieces and create new outfits by mixing and matching. As you can see, I primarily packed whites and greens. I can wear white on white, green on green, and white on green, etc. The point is to have each peace intermix with the rest. 

Pack Colorful Accessories
Because I stuck with whites and greens, I can change up my looks by adding colors via accessories. I can wear a monochromatic look and add a little pop of color with a bold pair of earrings. You'd be surprised how changing up your earrings or adding wearing red lipstick can totally transform an outfit! 

Pack Shoe Basics
Okay, so I am not going to lie, but this is where I have the most problem. Shoes (depending on the type) can be so bulky and take up so much space. So, I usually just pack 2-3 types of shoes: comfortable, casual, an one pair for those happy hour cocktails. 


There you have it! Let me know your packing tips down below! Be sure to follow my weekend on @theingenue! :)

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