Healthy Hair with ApotheCARE Essentials

By now, you guys are probably familiar with my love for hair oils. I did a blog post last year about my favorite hair oils and since then, I have added a new product to the mix: the ApotheCARE Essentials Mender Repair + Nourish Oil. It makes my hair super soft, adds the perfect shine, and it smells SO good! Best of all, they use pure ingredients (like coconut milk and vitamin E) to give you not just healthy-looking hair, but also healthy hair!

I use the ApotheCARE Essentials Mender Repair + Nourish Oil every time I add waves to my hair and it makes such a difference. Because I have really thick hair, my hair can sometimes look dry when I add heat to it. I just add a little bit of the oil to the ends and voilà! Silky, smooth beach waves for days!



Thanks to ApotheCARE Essentials for sponsoring this post!

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