The Transitional Blazer

Hi guys! I'm finally back with another post! These past few weeks have been short of HECTIC. School is back in session and WE ARE GOING TO NYFW!!!! So incredibly excited to share this experience with you guys! I've dreamt of attending NYFW for years and it is truly a dream come true! Anyways, as I begin to pack for NYFW in the upcoming days, I thought I'd share this look featuring what will undoubtedly be a street style trend--blazers. 


Zara blazer | | Ray-Ban sunglasses | | H&M denim skirt | | H&M shirt | | POSSE shoes

Mustard is certainly a color I never thought I would ever have in my closet, but here we are. It was one of my Zara sale finds and although it is a size too large, I love how relaxed and over-sized it looks. Did I mention it is super comfortable too? What I love about blazers is that it can totally dress up a casual, simple look. I will definitively be my go-to blazer as we begin to transition to fall!

Be sure to follow me on IG: @theingenue for some BTS action as we get ready for FREAKING NEW YORK FASHION WEEK!!! 🙉 (there needs to be a melting emoji for times like these!)


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