My 3 Wardrobe Resolutions for 2019

Hello everyone! Happy New Year! There is something so exciting about starting a fresh new year! It gives us all a blank slate to make resolutions and goals to strive for. While I do make my personal New Year's resolutions, I decided to share with you all my Wardrobe Resolutions for 2019 in partnership with LOFT!

LOFT dress, Zara boots, Zara hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses

RESOLUTION #1: Quality over Quantity
Although I always try to keep this my motto when buying new pieces, I am guilty of purchasing things just because they are on sale and "because it's so cute!". Although I think I will get good use out of it, they end up sitting in my closet for months, until I go through my spring cleaning because either the material was too itchy or it just doesn't end up wasting all that great (steamers are my BFFs).
RESOLUTION #2: Classic vs. Trendy
This one almost goes hand-in-hand with resolution #1, but we are all guilty of this! Remember when cycling shorts were a thing? Today, not so much and I am so happy I never tried it out! So, this year I will try to avoid certain trendy pieces that I know may have the shelf-life of milk. What is so perfect about LOFT is that they carry classic pieces that will stick around season after season!
RESOLUTION #3: Stay True to YOU
This one may be an obvious one, but I thought I should include this as a reminder to myself. A few weeks ago, I went to the LOFT store in Georgetown and while I did love a gorgeous floral dress in darker tones, I knew that it wouldn't get much use in my closet as I am really into neutrals and soft hues. So, I played it a little bit on the safer side and went for this gorgeous paisley print instead and I am obsessed! By all means, I think it is wonderful to step out of your comfort zone every now and then, but at the end of the day, you have to stick true to you and that goes with wardrobe preferences as well.

Hope you guys liked this post! So excited to do a few more New Year's posts in the next few days in collaborations with LOFT! Stay tuned!


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