My Realistic New Year's Resolutions

Back again with another post and I am so happy you guys loved my collaboration with LOFT in my last post! This outfit is one that I see myself living in for the first half of 2019! The sweater is from their Lou & Gray line and it is so soft! As for the pants, I really needed a muted blue to add a softer, neutral color palette for work!

Since I shared My 3 Wardrobe Resolutions for 2019, I thought that I would share my personal (and realistic!) resolutions for the new year. I am the QUEEN of not keeping resolutions, and I think that it is because I always set unrealistic expectations that seem doable, however, 3 weeks into the new year, I never keep them because life happens.

LOFT sweater, LOFT pants, Manolo Blahnik boots, vintage Dior saddle bag

Resolutions #1: Focus on The Ingénue
This is my baby! I have so many plans and ideas I want to develop within the blog, but I feel that I neglected the blog a bit in 2018 as I was trying to balance work, school and the blog at the same time! There are so many things I want to delve in 2019 with the blog, and I am working on an editorial calendar to plan the next few months! Stay tuned!
Resolution #2: Focus on Myself
Okay, this is something I definitively need to work on. As I mentioned earlier, I had a rough time balancing my full-time job, blogging, and school at the same time and while I love staying busy I was stressing out ALL THE TIME. So, I will focus more on my well-being and finally, FINALLY, go back to the gym! This will probably be the hardest resolution to keep, but I have made a commitment here and now that I am willing to keep!
Resolution #3: Travel
I looove exploring new places and taking pictures of beautiful destinations! It inspires me so much that I am hoping to do more travel in 2019! I want to go back to my beautiful Bolivia later this year, go back to Miami (because Miami is always a good idea!), and go to Paris, a place I've been dying to go to since I was 9!

Hope you guys loved this post! Thanks for LOFT for sponsoring this post!


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