The Brand You Need to Know This Summer

Lately, I find that I have been really picky when it comes to shopping for clothes. When I shop online, I feel like I'm browsing page after page only to be discouraged and find that either nothing gets my attention or the quality is sub-par. So when I find AMAZING brands that are not really well-know, I feel like it is my civic duty to share! 😂


I was shopping the Net-A-Porter sale last month and I felt like I hit a blank wall because I couldn't' find anything that grabbed my attention. That is until I found this gorge skirt! I was new to the RHODE brand, but when I looked at their other pieces, I wondered why I had never heard of them before! They have such dreamy skirts, shirts, and dresses and they are made from the softest materials (hello 100% cotton!). While they aren't H&M priced, they are more affordable in comparison to other resort-wear pieces that they have on Net-A-Porter and a good bang-for-your-buck in my opinion because they are so comfortable! I've picked a few of my favorite RHODE pieces below (starting at $150!)!



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  1. I absolutely love this look! Do you have any fall favorites or must haves? Keep up the good work!