My New Favorite Fashion App

There is no denying we live in a digital world. We have everything accessible to us at our fingertips and the fashion world is no exception. I've recently discovered the Voilà app and as both a consumer and creator, I am obsessed!
Voilà in french means 'there it is' and the Voilà app is exactly that. It is a platform that allows you to share your fashion finds and shop for products directly at various different price points.

As a fashion blogger, Voilà allows me to post images I would share on my other social media platforms (like Instagram, my blog, or TikTok) so that you guys can quickly shop from a wide array of retailers, for similar items. Unlike other monetizing apps, Voilà is super user friendly since once you upload a photo, it scans the photo to automatically find similar pieces from your fave online shopping destinations! 

Running a business that is The Ingénue, Voilà also allows me to monetize on purchases made by my followers while using the app. so can you!
As a fashion fanatic, Voilà also allows you to follow some of your favorite fashion bloggers for fashion inspiration and to shop their closet. What's so amazing about this app is that when you click on an item you wish to shop for, Voilà shows you not only the exact items but also shows you similar styles from many retailers and at different price points. My favorite is their home page because it shows you the top trending items, as well as items that are currently on mega sale at your favorite fashion retailers.

Want even better reasons to stat using Voilà? Bloggers, influencers, and fashion lovers can earn cash by uploading images, tagging similar items directly from the app, and using the generated link to share on social media so that your friends, family, and followers can click through and shop. It's the perfect way to earn cash during quarantine on pieces your followers would be shopping for anyway :) 

To download the app, click here.


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