About Paola

Once upon a time, in a chic city far a way, lived a girl, an ingénue if you will, who loved nothing more than a pretty dress, a flower in her hair, and a fabulous pair of shoes...

Welcome! I'm Paola Torrico, a Washington D.C. based personal style blogger, shoe-enthusiast by day, and a city-slicker by night. 

I started The Ingénue in 2011, as a sophomore in college who wanted nothing more than to share my affinity for fashion, and also get a head-start as a fashion journalist. Since starting the blog, I've had the opportunity to collaborate with a few amazing brands, connect with other bloggers and readers all over the world, and expand the blog into other realms such a lifestyle, décor, beauty, and photography, all while maintaining The Ingénue aesthetic: feminine, simple, classic, and sometimes a bit accessorized.

I don't know where this crazy blog world road will take me, but I hope you can stay for the ride... :)

Still have questions? Check out my FAQ!

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